Deon Optical Design is different from anything else on the market. With over 40 years experience, and comprised of a team that has developed a lot of the known technology on the market today Deon stands above the rest with both innovation and optical laboratory quality. There is over a century of combined experience in optics in the design team alone. This isn’t a mass production assembly line. Always striving and working to develop the next advancement in technology. Deon was the first to introduce eight and ten times zoom ratios. Deon was the first to introduce reticles that didn’t shift when shooting or adjusting magnification. Deon was the first to introduce “Shorty” rifle scopes, and precision zoom controls.


100% Made in Japan:
More than 150 parts are used for March scopes, and they are produced and supplied by Japanese manufacturers with the world’ s highest quality using state of the art technology.
Because March Scopes only accepts the highest quality, the end result is a precision optical instrument.


All Hand Made:
Deon Optical Design is not an assembly line like all other scope manufacturers. March Scopes are 100% hand made. Rifle scopes have to withstand a recoil of sometimes more than 1000G. This requires high durability and precision to withstand reliably over time. Not to mention the rigors of extreme weather and temperature changes (metal can shrink and expand as it heats and cools). n order to overcome those conditions, March scopes are precision built by hand from skilled workers. March scopes pass 20 inspections before they are shipped out.


March Scopes are precision optical instruments, hand built in an optical laboratory.