March Scopes come in a variety of options, to fit a variety of needs. Each design has its own advantageous characteristics to help fill the shooters individual needs. From this page you can see the different types of scopes, and their specific benefits….


March Genesis
The Flagship of the March line, culminating from 40 years of scope design experience and taking 2 years to construct. The March Genesis revolutionizes the mechanical performance a scope is capable of. With more than 400 MOA of internal elevation adjustment, High Master Lens System, 10 yard Parallax, and 6-60 magnification in a First Focal Plane Scope. This scope takes the optical limitations out of the rifle system.


High Master Series
The March High Master Lens Technology series of scopes is a revolution in lens design and placement. Utilizing a triple front objective system, the High Master Scopes offer better clarity, better contrast, and reduce Chromatic Aberration. This isn’t just a new lens coating (The HM Scopes all have Super-ED Glass), its a completely re-designed lens system.


First Focal Plane Scopes
First Focal Plane Scopes have the reticle placed in the front of the scope, which results in the reticles markings being true at all magnifications. This is good for Long Range, Extreme Long Range, Tactical, and Hunting scenarios. Often used with hold over reticles, or subtended reticles the March FFP Scopes offer some of the highest magnification ratios in the world and are ideal for everything from competition to rapid engagement needs.


Second Focal Plane Scopes
Second Focal Plane Scopes have the reticle placed in the rear of the scope, which results in the reticle being the same size no matter what magnification you are on. The benefit of this is that the reticles can be made with extremely fine markings and the shooter can use them at any power.


Fixed Power Scopes
A fixed power scope, is a scope with no magnification adjustment.