FFP Reticles

March Scopes currently offers the following First Focal Plane (FFP) Reticle options. Not all reticles are available in all scopes. To see Second Focal Plane (SFP) options click here.

A FFP Reticle, is a reticle that is placed towards the front of the scope. This means that the reticle is increased or decreased in magnification as the user increases or decreases the magnification of the scope. The advantage of a FFP Reticle, is that the reticle sub-tensions are always true. Meaning that 1 or 2 MOA hash mark will always have a value of 1 or 2 MOA. This makes a FFP Reticle ideal for rapid transitions, hunting, and tactical situations.

This is different from a SFP Reticle because a SFP Reticle is only true at a specific magnification. At all other magnifications the sub-tensions on the reticle are a different value. To learn more about this, see the SFP Reticle section.


For 1x-8x 24mm Scopes


For 3x-24x 42mm and 52mm


For 5x-40x 56mm


For 6x-60x 56mm


For 4x-40x 52mm