5-40x56mm (FFP)

This zoom scope has an 8x magnification ratio. Available in eight (8) versions. four Mil Radian and four Minute of Angle (MOA) versions.

The m-rad version with FML-1 reticle remains constant across the entire zoom range. Target ranging is accurate at any power. You can choose from two models. One version has one turn of adjustment dial of 5 mrad, and one click value is .05 mrad (1/20th). The other version has 10 mrad per one turn and 0.1 mrad (1/10th) clicks

The MOA version with the FMA-1 or FMA-2 reticle scale value also remains constant across the entire zoom range. Target ranging is accurate at any power. Can choose from two versions in each reticle model.One version has 25 MOA per turn of the dials and has 1/4 moa clicks. The other version has 10 MOA per turn of the dials and 1/8 moa clicks which is usually more useful for target shooting. All these scopes are in illuminated version or non-illuminated version.

Additionally, with the capability to set any position as the zero point in elevation with the 0-set function, the shooter will never lose their starting calibration. As with all March scopes, high end extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses are used and the 56mm front lens delivers superb optics. For illumination models each level of reticle intensity (red) and can be operated by simply pressing the pressure switch within the focus dial knob. The new illumination switch has 6 levels and each level can be set or locked . One push of the pressure pad turns on and another push turns off. Auto turn off after one hour of inactivity. A standard illumination model switch is still available with 4 levels of illumination, as well as a low intensity illumination module for night vision compatibility. Illumination modules are user changeable.

For Mil-rad version the reticle centre “floating”dot size is .05 mrad. For MOA the FMA-1 illuminated reticle has the centre “floating” dot of 1/4. The FMA-2 reticle is only available for non illuminated MOA versions. The centre “floating” dot is 1/8 at all magnifications. The line thickness of the reticle grid section is half that of the FMA-1. Therefore it is not a “thick” reticle as is often associated with FFP and is similar to the thickness of reticles in SFP target scopes. This reticle is specifically design for Target Shooting by Stuart Elliott and Gary Costello. The 1 moa line spacing (graduations) remain constant over the entire zoom range so a target shooter can confidently use these graduations for calculated hold offs at any and all zoom (magnification) points. Also with FFP scope design the point of aim does NOT shift throughout the entire zoom range. So a shooter can confidently zoom up or down in the process of shooting one target session. No point of aim shift. The hold off points of the graduated reticle remain constant with 1 moa spacings, relative to the target at any distance, on any zoom level. A simple, 100% accurate, precise aiming platform.


  • First Focal Plane (FFP) 5 – 40 Magnification Range 8x zoom ratio.
    • The m-rad(Mil) or MOA reticle scale value remains constant across the entire zoom range.
  • Mil or MOA versions.
  • 56mm Objective Lens with Japanese ED glass.
  • Mil version has 24 mils of elevation and 12 mils of windage.
    • Two turret options.
      • 0.1 Mils per click (1/10th) or 0.05 mils (1/20th)
  • MOA version has 66 MOA of elevation and 38 MOA of windage.
    • Two turret options.
      • .25 MOA per click (1/4th) or .125 MOA per click (1/8th)
  • Side Focus/Parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity.
  • Compact/Light weight overall size with Long eye relief and 34mm main tube design, 56mm objective lens. Japanese ED lenses.
  • Tactical turrets with zero set facility on elevation.
  • Illuminated or Non-Illuminated options.
    • Multiple illumination module options, which are user changeable. Including a low illum module that is night vision compatible.
  • Supplied with sunshade, lens covers, and flip caps.


ITEM (Low) (High)
Magnification 5x 40x
Effective Lens Diameter 56mm
Body Tube Diameter 34mm
Exit Pupil 1.4mm
Field of View, real 0.5°
Eye Relief 96-100mm 92-98mm
1 Click Adjustment 0.05 Mil or 0.1 Mil or
1/4 or 1/8 MOA
Elevation Travel 22 Mil or 76 MOA
Windage Travel 12 Mil or 38 MOA
Focus Side Focus / Parallax
Distance 10YD-infinity
Finish Matte Black
Total Length (-1D) 387mm
Weight 890g (31.4oz)




5-40x56mm FFP
A 387mm (15.2 inch)
B 157mm (6.2 inch)
C 64mm (2.5 inch)
D 41mm (1.6 inch)
E 144mm (5.7 inch)
F 86mm (3.4 inch)
G 66mm (2.6 inch)
H 52mm (2.05 inch)





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Export Info

Export Information

BRT Australia are one of the three World Wide Distributors appointed by DEON OPTICAL in Japan.

We can export to many countries. Our general area of sales includes Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, South East Asia, South Africa and the Middle East. We also have appointed dealers in New Zealand, South Africa, New Caledonia and UAE.

For Europe area please contact: March Scopes Europe

For the Americas please contact: March Scopes America

*Special note about Zero set facility.

The Zero set or “0- set” facility is designed to work in the lower half of the total range of elevation adjustment. Zero set is handy so that you can return to a set point especially when using the dial for long range shooting. You may have wound the dial a long way and want an easy way to come back to a pre-set stop. Anyone shooting long range should be utilizing a mounting system to forward slope for the scope regardless which keeps the optical centre of the scope approximately in the middle of the total adjustment which will be utilized. For example a 20 moa or 30 moa rail. This is what the zero set feature is designed to work with but it may not work with a 0 rail slope rail or mount system.