40-60x52mm High Master (SFP)


This scope is one of the new High Master series of MARCH Rifle scopes. This scope could be the ultimate Benchrest scope. It is designed for all the forms of this rifle competition including Air Rifle, 22 Rimfire, Centrefire groups and score plus Long Range Benchrest. The eyepiece roulette rotates counterclockwise and outwards to zoom the magnification back to 40x. This eye piece zoom system means the exact point of aim will remain absolutely constant. So it would be possible, if desired, to zoom in and out to any magnification between 40x and 60x during the shooting on one target and your POA will not move. The magnification range of 40x to 60x extends what is generally available from other applications.

Back in 2009 Deon Optical corporation released a totally new design to satisfy the demands of the Benchrest world. That was the EPZ 36x-55x. In a similar way in a 1st focal plane design scope the the exact point of aim cannot change when zooming magnification. Now in 2017 this new 40x-60x EPZ with High Master lens system progresses the generation yet further again. As always MARCH is the leader. Your aim just got better.


  • Second Focal Plane (SFP)
    • The MOA reticle will remain the same size across the zoom range.
  • High Master Lens Technology
    • Super-ED, High Refractive Lenses.
    • Reduced Chromatic Aberration.
  • 40x-60x Eye-piece zoom system (Zoom roulette)
  • 60 MOA of Elevation and 40 MOA of Windage adjustment range.
    • 10 MOA per turret revolution, 1/8 MOA per click.
  • Side Focus/Parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity.
  • 30mm main tube with long eye relief up to 100mm.
  • 42mm front lens with superb Japanese glass, ED technology.
  • Benchrest(Capped) Turrets with zero set in the elevation turret.
  • Supplied with MD disc, leather lens covers and turret caps.


ITEM (Low) (High)
Magnification 40x 60x
Effective Lens Diameter 52mm
Body Tube Diameter 30mm
Exit Pupil 1.24mm 0.89mm
Field of View, real
Eye Relief 82-91mm 66-75mm
1 Click Adjustment 1/8 MOA
Elevation Travel 60MOA
Windage Travel 40MOA
Focus Side Focus / Parallax
Distance 10YD-infinity
Finish Matte Black
Total Length (-1D) 397mm 374mm
Weight 690g (24.3oz)



40-60x52mm HM SFP
A 374-397mm (14.72 – 15.63 inch)
B 162mm (6.38 inch)
C 60mm (2.36 inch)
D 41mm (1.6 inch)
E 126mm (4.69 inch)
F 86 – 109mm (3.39 – 4.29 inch)
G 70mm (2.76 inch)
H 55mm (2.17 inch)




Export Info

Export Information

BRT Australia are one of the three World Wide Distributors appointed by DEON OPTICAL in Japan.

We can export to many countries. Our general area of sales includes Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, South East Asia, South Africa and the Middle East. We also have appointed dealers in New Zealand, South Africa, New Caledonia and UAE.

For Europe area please contact: March Scopes Europe

For the Americas please contact: March Scopes America

NB. Not recommended for prone shooting (F class) because the changing eyepiece position (eye relief) on this model makes it difficult to move your head when shooting from prone position. When shooting from a bench this is not an issue.

Conventional Wire Crosshair reticle with precision thin lines..


Conventional wire crosshair reticle with a center dot etched on glass. Available in different sizes. *Not all sizes available in all scopes


Wire crosshair reticle with the crossing point (dot or non-dot) of vertical and horizontal lines placed one third from the top of reticle.